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Angela M. Jacobson

Managing Partner and Co-Founder


Angela Jacobson is the Managing Partner of East Bay Living LLC, a company she co-founded in 2014.

In that capacity, she has been managing the renovation and leasing of a eclectic community of residential apartments and houses in Emeryville, CA, while overseeing design, construction, and financial aspects of the company.


East Bay Living, Emeryville, CA

East Bay Living 
Emeryville, CA

The EBL community is in the heart of Emeryville near the Emeryville marina and the famous Bay Street shops and restaurants. 


The City of Emeryville in California has become one of the East Bay’s most desirable residential areas to live in. It is close to the University of California, Berkeley, and has benefited from employment opportunities with leading East Bay companies. 


There is good access to entertainment, restaurants, shopping, and public transit including a local Amtrak station and free bus shuttle service. The City is conveniently located near San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley, major freeways, and has a history of fair government that has effectively balanced and met the needs of its residents, employers, and visitors,  for decades.


For more information about Emeryville, click here:

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